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Sixth Energy’s Remote Telecom Monitoring System is designed to work with any device on the
network — anytime and from anywhere. As the telecommunication sector consolidates and prices for
services mature operators have to nd new ways to remain protable. Using a Telecom Site
Monitoring Solution is an easy way to ensure that housekeeping issues such as:

  • Pilferage
  • Loss Of Fuel
  • OperatingEfficiency Of Equipment
  • Loss Of Revenue Due To Downtime

are prevented or avoided. This is easier said than done, because of a large number of
dependencies. However, ensuring these things are in check, adds to the bottom line and reduces
operating expenses.

Sixth Energy’s cell tower IoT gateways act as conduits between the sensors and the 6E Cloud. They have built-in advanced machine learning algorithms that enable control of equipment. In addition.
Sixth Energy’s Data Explorer analytics system continuously works on the information from the Telecom Site, recognizes anomalies, and ags them with actionable insights into potential causes and recommendations on corrective action.
Remote Tower Management Systems have IoT enabled sensors, & smart devices, installed at the Telecom Site, that monitor various parameters such as energy utilization, battery voltage, run hours, generator fuel level, temperature sensors at the cell tower, etc. A gateway device then communicates these readings to central server over the internet. The sensors that monitor the Cell Tower communicate using wireless technologies like GPRS, 3G/4G, standard WiFi or Ethernet technology. In typical telecom operations, the assets are distributed across large areas spanning thousands of kilometers, covering urban and remote areas. It is impossible to monitor each site individually without a significant number of feet on the ground. Even with that, the available information is prone equipment is secured and monitored 24x7x365. Multiple users can manage the system simultaneously across dierent platforms in real-time. Data is stored in our hyper-scalable cloud, which means there are no limitations on its availability. We are a full-stack solution, which means, everything from the sensors, gateways, cloud, web interface, APPs, and analytics is designed and built in-house. We collect rich IoT data and use advanced statistical/AI/ML analytics algorithms to transform it into actionable intelligent insights.

Sixth Energy’s Telecom Solution is specically built to realize and enable:

Sixth Energy’s Telecom Solution is specically built to realize and enable:

  • Reductionin OPEX, fuelconsumption,andpilferage
  • Energysavingsatcellsites
  • Improved operationalvisibility
  • Enhancedsite security withremote asset monitoring – through AI-enabledcameras
  • Easybatteryhealthand warranty management
  • Effective enforcement ofSLA withservice providers
  • Enhancedinfrastructure uptime

Sixth Energy’s IoT solution for Remote Telecom Site Monitoring truly ensures complete real-time
management of equipment, energy, environment, re safety & security.

Data from the IoT gateways is sent up to the 6E data cloud. The cloud is designed for hyperscalability and statistical/AI/ML support – which means that it can operate systems ranging from tens to tens of thousands of installation with the same real-time performance.