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Telesuprecon is a prominent System’s Integrator headquartered in the UAE and with over two decades of experience, operating in West Africa and India. Telesuprecon provides core competences and expertise in turnkey deliveries for Enterprise, Telecom Operator and Mission Critical organizations. With global operations, Telesuprecon offers advanced EPC, Operations and Maintenance, including managed service and support in financing, for Fibre Optics Systems, Mobile Operator Infrastructure, Mission Critical Systems, Smart Cities, National Identity Authentication, Enterprise Mobility and Enterprise Security. Telesuprecon’s main assets are service quality, technology understanding and engineering capabilities, professional technical writing and bidding on cost, quality and scheduled delivery of projects and program management.


Sachin Nambeear
Sachin Nambeear
Sachin founded Telesuprecon in Nigeria with a clear vision of being a contributor to building Africa’s digital future. He believes that access to telecommunication facility and services is a human right in today’s wired world. Sachin’s rich experience of two decades in West Africa provided insights for his entrepreneurial skills, lead high skilled professionals, on field teams as well as establishing a network of esteemed clients and partners who have stood in good stead sustaining Telesuprecon’s growth. A true entrepreneur at heart, Sachin inspires creation and an attitude of “go-for-it” despite the odds and conventional wisdom.
Vijay Anand Krishnan
Vijay Anand Krishnan
Managing Director
At Telesuprecon, Vijay has played a lead role in implementation of telecom fiber networks for various leading telecom operators/ vendors which now stretches over 23,000 Km. His leadership, strategic direction and understanding of operations management has been instrumental in devising and implementing smart systems, quality processes and delivery speed. His two decade experience in commissioning and execution of major infrastructure projects in West Africa in the field of Energy management, Water management and Oil and Gas project has successfully led Telesuprecon to achieve aggressive targets. Vijay is a well-recognised entrepreneur and an infrastructure expert within the EPC industry. Vijay holds a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering degree from BITS Pilani, India.


People Centricity

People Centricity

  • Telesuprecon believes a people centric approach to business is intrinsic to its success.
  • For driving customer strategies of acquisition, retention or enhancement, the priority focus is managing the employee experience. The belief is an improved employee experience improves customer experience.
  • Whilst, generating profitability is important, the foundation is to relentlessly pursue people experience strategies.


  • Telesuprecon believes for it to remain competitive and successful it needs to hire, reward and promote the best people, based on their merit and ability to deliver at all times.


  • Telesuprecon shall endeavour to keep complexities out from an ever expanding business – cutting out unnecessary processes. By managing with simplicity in mind, expansion of time and energy shall be on developing the business.

Entrepreneurial spirit

The entrepreneurial spirit embodies a combined set of qualities the organization shall foster in its employees such as innovation and creativity, quality of work and service, ethical, moral and behavioral conduct, forthrightness and adaptability.


Cost consciousness is to look at efficient use of resources through effective planning, avoiding waste and splurge and creating a mindset of being driven by numbers.


Carrying out each action honestly to foster trustworthiness amongst all our stakeholders. The actions whether in personal or professional lives shall be the foundation for leadership excellence, being courageous in taking authentic actions despite adverse consequences and doing what is right at all times.



Protection of Human Rights

Protection of Human Rights

Employment at Will



Health, Safety and Environment

Statutory Compliance

Employment of Children



Employees and Workplace

Our employee policies and practices are designed to enable them to reach their maximum potential. Telesuprecon provides a safe and healthy working environment by achieving the highest level of safety awareness in our associates.

Community Engagement

Telesuprecon aligns its business strategy to meet societal needs, while minimizing environmental impact and advancing social development in the communities we serve. We take continuous steps to foster self-reliance among communities and address their needs on a long term.

Stakeholder Engagement

Telesuprecon is committed to engaging all stakeholders based on trust, integrity, two way commitment and communication. It is an approach that increases the chances of business success, contributing to organizational and individual performance, productivity and well-being.

Ethics and Compliance

Telesuprecon’s highly regarded reputation has evolved over many years and is among the company’s most valuable assets. Ethics policies based on sound judgment and fair dealings are vital to Telesuprecon’s clients and integral to Telesuprecon’s reputation.

Health and Safety

Telesuprecon’s dedication to health and safety is integral to the company’s strong sense of responsibility. Telesuprecon ensures that healthy workplaces are intrinsic values, reinforced through the leveraging of best practices and the sharing of lessons learned.
Ethics and Compliance