7 Game-Changing Trends Of Telecom Industry That You Should Know!

The Telecom networks are in a lot of pressure given the changing and continually emerging technologies. The industry is continuously growing by focusing on new techniques. The huge competition is driving down the prices, however, the telecom carriers are asked to invest more to expand and invest in the network.
If you are a telco operator and want to keep an eye on the changing software, here are the seven upcoming trends that can become a game changer:



The migration and transitioning of telecom networks to the cloud is currently an ongoing process and will take longer time since it is quite challenging. This shift is on the radar of many operators and will become one of the most important telecom infrastructure trends of the coming year. You can expect it to be a major push to all public and private cloud services.


Software-defined network (SDN) or network functions virtualization (NFV) are called revolutionizing networks that are scalable, flexible and cost-efficient. With SDN, you can make a complicated WAN, which is a mix and match of different carriers. Once applying WAN, you don’t have to deal with complex routing that can cost you bucks. Further, by not relying on MPLS providers, you can save money with ease.

5G Is The New Network:

5G offers a huge impact on the telecom sector and is also touted as the underlying fabric of a new ecosystem (big data plans, IoT and smart systems). Further 5G serves to a major market, as it calls for a host of services and features that are shared among providers via an agreement. The growth of 5G and IoT will decide whether the operator will see changes in telecom in the coming year or not.

Data Traffic Jams:

There are many over the top (OTT) players who have already gotten the benefits of traffic growth with the new technology. However, some telcos are still lagging. So, to monetize the trend, telecom companies should focus on optimizing cost and increasing the core business. For this, they can partner with different OTT players or can venture in generating their own applications of content. Technology:

G.Fast technology will help in speeding the traffic flow and will easily rise to 1Gbps within just 500 meters of distribution. These things have been generating traffic since smartphones were invented. They use massive MIMO and beamforming technology, network revolutionizing technology like NFV and SDN and more to adhere to the demand for data.

AI And ML:

AI (Artificial intelligence) and MI (machine learning) are the hottest concepts in every industry, and they even play a huge role in the telecom industry. Speech recognization, customer service chatbots, and other voice services are the major things used by telecoms around the world.

Digitizing In Customer Support:

The digitization in customer support has improved efficiency, as customer support was the major concern in telecom industries. With digitization, the telco industry will be able to track and foresee issues of customers with ease.
Trends are changing! The reason telecoms need to ready to embrace these changes and become ready for the new adoption.

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